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Epic Pop Media is your one stop source of all things film, television, gaming and social media. We span our coverage from conventions to cosplay, blockbuster films to independent artists. Our mission is to provide a broad spectrum look into the world of pop culture and to bring our readers a fresh look into new entertainment on all platforms.  Come join us on our journey!



Izola is a professional writer and content creator with a strong presence in the movies, cosplay, gaming, and literature worlds. She is also an avid convention attendee, and has been to events all over the West Coast.  Izola has a passion for entertainment and loves to share the latest news and interviews with celebrities like Nathan Fillion, Sigourney Weaver, Troy Baker, Matthew Gray Gubler, the cast of the Magicians, The Impractical Jokers, and others.  Her work at Epic Pop Media and through other sites she freelances for, cover a wide range of topics from movies and books to cosplay and gaming.

Be sure to check out her social media and cosplay page!

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