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A Saint Reboot? Yes Please!

Did my eyes deceive me or did I read that there are talks about The Saint reboot? And they want Chris Pratt to play Simon Templar? Ummmm, yes and please!

Now, I normally say BOO to reboots, but we only got one of these movies and I want more! I loved Val Kilmer in the original, but we need an updated version and I need sequels!!! Also, I have been told that the original changed the character too much, so I want something that is a little more true to the character. And right now, I can't think of anyone who can play super charming and suave better than Pratt.

Who knows when this will actually happen if they decide on Pratt. His plate is pretty full, but if Guardians doesn't happen (I will lose my shit if it doesn't get made because of all this bull...), he's got a LEGO movie and some other things to get through before he could even agree to this possibility.

I know there are others out there that could do this too, but I mean, come on... You know Chris Pratt would be AMAZING!!!

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