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Attack of the Metallic Monster! SDCC 2023

Earlier today I posted on my social media the Smog Monster at the Patco Park interactive zone. Fandom partnered with “The Real Cost” to bring a different, but very important activation to SDCC and I was able to experience it first-hand.

When you get to the interactive zone, you immediately see this 10 foot tall monster made of metal. It was definitely reminiscent of a kaiju, and it was a site to see. Visitors are able to have a photo and video experience with the smog monster. Once you get to the front of the line, you'll scan a barcode, which will then show you what vaping essentially does to your body.

I highly recommend going to Fandom's site and seeing what they put together for this experience. They did an amazing job and it's very informative.

Here are some photos and the augmented reality I experienced there.


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