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Brie Larson is my HERO!

As I await on baited breath to watch Captain Marvel, I have been reading some interesting articles on Brie Larson and how she is constantly getting attacked by trolls... For those of you who have been living under a rock (or if you are one of my grandparents, love you!) for at least a decade, a troll (aka, internet troll... not the big oafy ones swinging a mace, or whatever it can find to tear down and entire house with...) is an idiot who has nothing better to do than to try to upset people on the interwebs distract and to plant seeds by posting inflammatory and/or off-topic messages in an online forum (chat room, Facebook,Twitter, etc) with the intent of angering people so that they will emote an emotional response. And this is all for the troll's amusement. I doubt they gain anything else from their stupidity. Although, those who engage with said trolls have something to be said about them as well. DON'T GO DOWN THAT RABBIT HOLE! IGNORE THEM!!

Anyhoooooo. I tend to get a tad heated chatting about those damn trolls...

One of the articles I found by The Verge said that YouTube basically played around with their algorithms in order to fight the stinky trolls! Apparently a few days ago, if you searched "Brie Larson" on YouTube, you would have been inundated with BOYCOTT CAPTAIN MARVEL! Well, YouTube said "Good Day" to those nasty little beasts and made so that all of those boycott shenanigans just... disappeared. Brilliant!

Now before some of you get your panties in a bunch, they didn't just do it for Brie Larson. Actually, they had been doing this since October, 2017 because people were complaining about how the "real" news was being pushed back and that YouTube favored conspiracy theories and what not. I get the issue, but part of me kinda likes watching the crazy.

To read more about this fascinating topic, click here. I promise you won't be sorry.

Now, off to get ready to watch my girl kick some serious ass!!!

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