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Dimension Drifter: Game Trailer

Here we are again checking out a new PC game and if you like Doom, this action shooter may be right up your alley.  Developed by BlueEagle Productions, this single player game has you facing ancient Gods who are turning your timeline into complete chaos.  Will you be the ones to defeat them and return your timeline to the way it once was?

Upon first view, I do get a Doom feel to the game.  However, it also reminds me of Fortnite in a way.  The colors are pretty bright and I don't get that ominous "end of world" feel.  It also seems like you can only choose a female character and there isn't' much of a wardrobe.  The photos show different hair and clothing colors, but other than that, you may be stuck playing a wanna be raider of tombs.  And the demons, or whatever they are supposed to be...  They're hairy mouths with glowing limbs?  I am actually really confused at what I am looking at...  The trailer moves around too much to get a good feel for graphics; however, aside from the somewhat cheery color and lack of appearance changes, but if you like shooter games like Doom, maybe this is something you can lose yourself in for a while.

I am assuming that there will be new updates as this is very new game and I look forward to seeing what others think about it.  I am sure it's a fun time.  I mean, who doesn't want to smash that thing in its toothy face???

So what are your thoughts?  Watch the trailer and let me know what you think. 

Learn more about the game here.

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