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Earth “Day-Sasters” New to Cracle

I was unable to chat with Chris this week, so he shared these new titles with me. No, I didn’t come up with the clever title. I give Chris full credit for that. Here is the list from Crackle for Earth Day Disastrous movies.


It seems that Mother Nature is mad as hell and she’s NOT going to take it anymore! Supercharge your April 22nd Earth Day festivities by watching the end of the world from the edge of your seat for FREE on Crackle!


The world watches in awe as the Roebling Clipper is launched, making history as the first-ever commercial space flight. When a solar storm hyper-charges the engine and sends it hurtling toward the Sun, it triggers a cataclysmic solar storm that could blow Earth back into the Stone Age. For those on board, including the First Lady, and those at Mission Control, preparing for the inevitable seems the last-and only-terrifying option.

Cast: David James Elliott (JAG), Anthony Lemke (White House Down), Natalie Brown (Dawn of the Dead)

Available: 04/15/24

On the 100th anniversary of the original voyage, a modern luxury liner christened "Titanic II," follows the path of its namesake. But when a tsunami hurls an ice berg into the new ship's path, the passengers and crew must fight to avoid a similar fate.

Cast: Shane Van Dyke (Super Shark), Marie Westbrook (Blood Coast), Bruce Davison (Ozark)

Available: 04/15/24

Scientists make a horrible discovery: The "Big One" is coming in two days, with it, California will sink to the ocean. Their only hope is to rupture a volcano that will displace the earthquake's energy and build a new crust on the surface. But as foreshocks turn California into chaos, it's a race against time the scientists might not win.

Cast: Joseph Michael Harris (Flight 666), Christie Nicholls (Killing TIme), Liz Fenning (Rumble Through the Dark)

Available: 04/15/24

As mass of solar storms causes tsunamis, volcanoes, and flooding, a city-dwelling family attempts to flee to the relative safety of a group of high-elevation caves several miles away.

Cast: Jhey Castles (Magnum P.I.), Joseph Michael Harris (Sinister Squad), Evan James Henderson (Memoirs of a Fighter)

Available: 04/15/24

When brutal tidal waves suddenly destroy many coastal communities in a short period of time, John Wahl, a nobel prize winner, is brought out of his lazy retirement and back into service as a consultant.

Cast: Corbin Bersen (LA Law), Julianne Phillips (Sisters), Gregg Henry (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Available: 04/15/24

A family in Los Angeles finds themselves separated during a convergence of history's greatest disasters: a super volcano, a mega earthquake and a massive twister. While the world endures this near apocalyptic event, our heroes must persevere on their own skills and wit to reunite and survive.

Cast: Matthew Pohlkamp (Quantum Leap), Natalie Pelletier (A Dark Place), Deyo Forteza (The Rookie)

Available: 04/15/24

Tianhuo Island is as beautiful as a paradise. It almost makes people forget that it is located in the "Ring of Fire" the world-famous Pacific Rim volcanic belt. The volcano erupted, and the fate of the people in the island was entangled.

Cast: Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), Hannah Quinlivan (Assassins), Alice Rietveld (WandaVision)

Available: 04/15/24

When an accident sends a solar flare four times larger than Earth plunging toward the planet, Military scientist Dr. Jane Brandt calls upon the one man who can possibly reverse the cataclysm: a government outsider and renegade ad-hoc scientist. He'll have to work fast, as in a matter of hours, the planet's atmosphere will ignite and the countdown to the end of the world will begin.

Cast: Matthew Modine (Stranger Things), Maxim Roy (Bad Blood), Ted Whittall (Suicide Squad)

Available: 04/15/24

A seismologist and a miner must stop a massive earthquake that threatens to tear the world in half.

Cast: Brittany Murphy (Clueless), Bruce Davison (X-Men), Eriq La Salle (ER)

Available: 04/15/24

Massive earthquakes open the Arabian tectonic plate, resulting in freezing temperatures that will be fatal by nightfall. Attempting to reach safety, a vacationing family in Egypt must battle the subzero climate that ushers in a new Ice Age.

Cast: Barton Bund (A Man Called Otto), Bailey Spry (It Follows), Jules Hartley (Stranger Things)

Available: 04/15/24

When an oil rig causes a volcanic eruption in a small town, it's not just an isolated event-as environmental activist Emily Booth and former oil company analyst Matthew Cooper fear. It's just the first in a series that could effect the dangerous Ring of Fire that contains most of the world's volcanos. Before the earth is swallowed whole by a cataclysmic series of eruptions, only Matthew knows how to stop it. It's a suicide mission, but the only alternative is an Extinction Level Event. The end of the world.

Cast: Michael Vartan (Alias), Terry O’Quinn (Lost), Ian Tracey (Project Blue Book)

Available: 04/15/24

When a super cyclone threatens the entire American eastern seaboard, a lone meteorologist and a petroleum engineer must battle the elements to stop the threat.

Cast: Ming-Na Wen (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Nicholas Turturro (NYPD Blue), Andy Clemence (House of Cards)

Available: 04/15/24

After massive tidal waves strike the East Coast, a team of scientists confers to discover the reason behind the devastating phenomenon. Among them is nuclear arms expert John McAdams and scientist Sophie Marleau who believe that the cataclysms are terrorist-triggered undersea missiles.

Cast: Angus Macfadyen (Braveheart), Karine Vanasse (Hidden Assets), Tom Skerritt (Alien)


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