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LACC was a HUGE Success- And Here is Why You Should go Next Year.

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

This year, LACC went off with a bang with thousands of attendees being able to shop all genres of fandom, pose for photos with their favorite celebrities, and even being able to enjoy cosplaying as their favorite characters.

Friday was their version of preview night and many attendees did their shopping on both floors. Yes, you heard me right. LACC is great because it separates their vendors by type. This means that one side was primarily anime and gaming, while the other side all other genres including artist alley. This allows for less crowding and makes it easier to find the specific items you are looking for.

Saturday and Sunday was filled with photo ops and autograph sessions with celebrities like Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Jamie Campbell Bower (Stranger Things, Twilight Saga), and even the hobbits reunited!

There was also a booth from ANA (All Nippon Airlines) where you could see a replica of their Star Wars R2D2 plane signed by the cast and win tickets to fly on our upcoming Demon Slayer plane! I really hope I win.

My favorite part about the cons are perusing the floor and seeing all of the amazing art. The endless amount of imaginative items is endless. I really wish I had more space so I could buy everything I wanted.

I will be loading some reels and interviews about some amazing indie games as well as walking the floor. I think you'll enjoy getting an idea of what to expect for next year should you attend.

Here are some photos from the event; some taken by our team and others by LACC and fellow photographers. Enjoy and I hope to see you next year!


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